3d Printed Wrench... has anyone printed it?

Just curious if anyone has printed the wrench? I just tried it in tough this weekend and it was seized… Came out looking gorgeous, but Im sure its cured together inside the wrench.

3rd one from the bottom is what I printed. oriented at about 30 degrees with lettering facing up.

I have not printed that wrench, but I created a prototype object that required moving parts. I had to make sure that I printed all supports, including internal. Then after printing, I had to apply force to break the supports, and work it back and forth to wear away the support nubs.

So there definitely cant be internal supports in the wrench as its a solid object… im not sure if it tried to print them or not… ill check the model in the software… you would think the form 2 tolerances would be better than FDM of course.
just curious… wont try it again anytime soon as resin is too damm expensive haha

But it isn’t completely solid, as it is supposed to have moving parts. There should be space between the parts. Out of curiosity, I am printing it with a much cheaper FDM printer with PLA filament.

If it works, I may try with my Form2.

I saw that years ago with a laser printer but the used 2 different materials. one permanent and one washed out with water. and that kept the spaced parts from connecting

i guess thinking about the FDM model, there are tiny parts in there that connect, that break free… maybe the resin just bonds too much.

Yeah. Failure here on FDM. it was really fused together. I may try the model with more space between the parts.

I’ve found better results with moving parts on FDM than on the Form1+. Of course the FDM printer has to be tuned correctly, possibly a bit on the under-extrude side.

FDM printers have to fight lack of adhesion problems all the time. When it comes to moving parts lack of adhesion is exactly what you want… IE, I’ve found it’s easier to get close parts to separate on FDM than resin.