My $25 Curing Station

Here is my $25 curing station. It’s made from 2 Dynaware clear tubs, and a 15ft string of UV LEDs.

The large tub is about 7" in diameter and 9" tall. Inside it there a smaller tub, that’s 5" in diameter and 4" tall, and it’s placed upside down as a pedestal for the curing parts.

The LED string is one of the “high-density” ones, and it has 600 LEDs (about 3 LEDs/inch), instead of the usual 300 LEDs. The tubs come with air-tight lids, and that helps trap the heat in. And this gets pretty warm inside, those 600LEDs do a great job of that.

While this is not as slick as the new Formlabs Curing Station, it also costs less than 1/25th. Sure, there’s no turn table (but then again, there are LED’s all around, it doesn’t have a timer, but I can always steal the wife’s digital cooking timer. So for me it does a very good job.


Looks great! Do you by chance have links for these two products?

Mine’s not as cheap, but I did repurpose a box that some sort of holiday treats were in to house my fingernail polish light. Mirrors on the surfaces, magnets to hold the door closed, and an old ebay special dark room timer, and oh yeah, one of those solar powered turn tables-though I may not need it any more! Mine doesn’t look quite as cool either.


The Dynaware tubs is soemthing I had in the cupboard, so it didn’t cost me anything, however, I did find a link on eBay for set for $11.50

The LED can also be had on eBay. I got mine from here:

Make sure you choose the correct ones: 5M strip with 600 LED and non-waterproof (the flexible coating starts to darken over time, so you don’t want it).

The power supply is something I had around already, but any 12V/5A power supply will do the job, and they can be had cheap.

haha… Mines cheaper! works a treat though and the temp in the box sits at around 62degC which is pretty lucky
aesthetics fit in perfectly with the office environment too :wink:


Damn… I once again overspent on mine. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How cool is that using the old darkroom timer. I’m going to use one I have lying around if I ever get off my butt and finish my curing box. Those things are so quiet until the buzzer goes off. I disabled the buzzer as it’s so obnoxious.

Those lab timers are still made by the same company; but with different housing materials. I like the analog aspect of it as there is nothing to boot up, etc.

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I love the idea of the solar turntable… very smart.

Also this looks like just the ticket, though not as stylish as the clock.

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