DIY curing oven, need clarification/input on light source

I wasn’t getting much response on my original post so i thought i’d edit to clarify what i’m trying to accomplish.

I want to build a curing chamber and I would like to use LED strip lights.
There are numerous sellers on Ebay and Amazon that sell “405nm” led strips.
After a bit of searching on here, the things i’ve learned are:
-405nm wave length
-5050 style led’s prefered
-non-waterproof are better as they won’t have a clear dome/coating that reduces the effectiveness of the light
-a 5A set for 5 meters worth (300 led’s) is preferred as it creates more wattage

Now where i get hung up is I’ve read on here that some folks have issues with the “Amazon” ones, but they didn’t mention what brand or seller they got them from. They said that within a short time (less than 10hrs if i recall correctly), the purple/blue’ish LED’s turned white and became useless.

So i just need to know what to look for to avoid these type of strands.

Can anyone provide guidance?!

I bought mine on eBay. This is a 5ft. strip of 600 LEDs, and it’s been going now for over a year and half.

Here is the link to the vendor I bought them from:

15ft-600LED Strip

I power the strip with a 12V @ 2A power supply, and it works great.

BTW, here is a link to my original post:

I bought this strip AMAZON CANADA and it is totally useless, I removed the silicone sleeve to try to see if that was the problem, the jar is wrapped with mylar, my prints fluoresce inside so I presumed it was all ok but I patched a crack with resin and left to cure overnight (since a couple hrs didn’t seem to work) and its still sticky the next day! I give up for now and bought a UV nail station since that’s what FL reccomends, will test out by friday.

I’ve never tried that, I only put in prints that are already solid, but need final surface curing. For patching and filling I use a 405nm violet/blue laser, the kind you can buy on eBay for under $10. That hardens the resin in a couple of seconds.

I doubt the UV nail station will be able to harden raw resin in any appreciable time. You’ll need a laser for this.

the station I chose is a pretty strong 4 bulb setup but I will have to see and check; I was planning on getting a Lazer pointer anyway for this kind of situation I will report back…

As per one article i have read, Marshall Peck of ProtoBuilds says he’s discovered completed models worked with the procedure need a controlled degree of post-restoring under UV light. It’s done to fortify the models and to fix abundance gum which neglected to appropriately wash away. In the wake of attempting a few techniques to post-fix the parts, Peck says the vast majority of those procedures neglected to give reliable outcomes.