Bad LEDS for curing chamber

Anyone else having issues with the Amazon 405nm LEDS… I bought 3 Strings for my curing chamber and most of them have turned white. Should have known better then to buy the cheap crap from Amazon/Ebay.
Guess I will just buy the same LEDs I use in my signs.

I had 50% of the LED’s I bought fail they were supposed to last 10,000 hours but actually lasted 10.

Did the LED’s turn white or did you for a chance order LED’s with water tight coating?

No they turned white after 2 days. I had 3 strings do this so far… My sign supplier is looking into finding me some quality 405nn LEDS… I access to a crap load but they are all 471.
I have some blue translucent Sign Material that I am going to cover them with to hopefully get me through the weekend.

Must be ‘fake’ purple phosphor layer LED’s. Decent LED’s with for example InGaN chip can simply not change to a white color.

Did they actually work for curing?

Before they changed the worked great. Was curing in 20 -30 minutes.

I have a cure chamber like yours and bought the LED’s from Ebay. My LED’s have turned white as well and are not working well at all. I don’t understand the LED technology so I can’t say what the issue is, only that they don’t work as well as they did at first. If anyone knows a good brand to buy please let me know.

Mike A