Curing Oven, UV array, heat, hacking of spa oven

This topic closed awhile back but I decided to build one.

The prior topic had a good parts list,

Here is a link to the original project and the parts list.

And here is a link to the build instructions I developed while making my own. It is saved as a shared PDF. Please remember, this is a draft document and subject to change. It has been sitting on my computer for a couple of weeks and I have not proofed it yet, so please go easy on me. Use these instructions at your own risk. This is just how I built my unit.

Cure Oven DRAFT build instructions

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Nice writeup! An exceptional detailed addition to my original post.

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What temperatures do you get in the chamber?

It can go up to 120c. I have not checked it with an IR thermometer yet to see out accurate the dial is.

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