"Motors Jammed" errror message

My print stopped in the middle of the night (I wasn’t there to monitor) because some sensor decided that the “Motors Jammed” .
The Z axis was halfway up, the part was not touching the bottom of the vat.
When I overrode the message, the print resumed normally.
Of course, due to warping, this will cause a ridge to be visible on my part.

This could be due to a lack of maintenance of the linear guides in the printer.
I remember a thread where Formlabs conceded that greasing was required “at some point”, but no formal procedure has been issued to my knowledge.

I’d like to know what exactly should be done, what grease to use, what periodicity… and I wish Formlabs would integrate a “Maintenance type XX required” message in the firmware based on cumulated printing time and other parameters which the machine can log.

Our Form2 shows same error message nearly every print. It is frustrating :frowning:
Greasing the Z-leadscrew had not show any result.

Glad to hear I’m not alone.

Here’s what the pause during printing did to my part :

It’s funny that Formlabs touts their 25 microns resolution, but the parts warp whole millimeters !