Monitor standby for Form2 and Form3

Hi, print at night, I usually find my Form3 in the morning after over 15 hours of printing. In the morning the machine did its job and the LCD monitors are still on. This creates the “ghost image” problem on the Form3 screen: The permanent permanent image remains visible and overlaid for a few seconds after changing the menu pages, such as the ghost impression after a prolonged illumination time.
Could it be possible to update a firmware of both machines F2 and F3 that automatically turn off the LCS screens after, for example, 30 minutes of inactivity?

I guess this will help preserve the health of the LCD and reduce the wasted electricity needed.

What, dear former trainers?

Also I think the machine produces a lot of heat in “standby” mode. I think they could implement a new more efficient Standby mode, with LCD off and ready in a touch.

Also the FORM3 does not have a button for powering off, so or you have to disconnect the cable each time or use an outlet with switch and remember to everyone to disconnect the printer after finished.

Also they keep the resin heated all the time to 30-32 deg C - this is waste of energy plus shortens the life of the resin.
There should be some setting - “Keep the resin warm” for NNNN hours after last print, or “Keep the printer ready for NNNN hours after last print”. It’s not a problem when you run the printer to wait 10-15 minutes to heat up the resin and if you’d like you can set the printer to heat the resin all the time as now.

I agree.

I am not a programmer, but should be quite easy to implement the firmware software with these standby and heating controls and informations.

Hope nexts .formware files will give us these power-saving solutions.

after 24 hours printing, the Form3 monitor appears like this:

Long time turned on, the LCD monitor suffer the stress :stuck_out_tongue:
A standby solution or a “turn monitor off if untouched” should be implemented.


I believe this is fixed with a firmware update. Have you tried contacting the support?

Yes, time ago, but seems isn’t on the “to do” list…
Maybe if others users ask for that, they will consider to implement in the future.

I have had the same issue. For me a reset to factory defaults would fix it, but after every firmware update I would have to do it again. The newest update would stay though.


Hello, happy to see that finally (Fall 2021) a “SLEEP MODE” is included in the machine firmware update. Thanks to the Team.

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I don’t get the reason why the SLEEP MODE can’t be activated during printing? Obviously a mode that only turn off the LCD monitor, not the heating and the fan. There is no way to turn off the monitor at any time?

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