Modular prop for concept proof

Ok, 5th experiment with Form2 n clear resin. Disregard polys, a data point for time v accuracy v resin. Structure snapped off clean and was minimal… pretty work Formlabs! Hit it w/ a razor and the parts are clean. Can’t wait to crank the resolution up. The blades ALMOST lock in but there was a slight draft issue. Dremel cures all.

Yeah, I have a long way to go. But it’ll be a fun journey. It was cool seeing the polygons very close to the prop control points. A little fairing and it’ll be crystal.

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Facets are intentional for a prop scan. Lil bit of bondo, lil bit of dremel… test tank! Test tank prop will be from the tough resin. This is 1/4 scale. Struts/rudders/gear/engine next on tap at smaller scale.

Those look awesome @AlexMcCarley Thanks for sharing.

So, a bit of draft issue, but the parts are starting to talk to each other. Once again, the forum provides… hahaha! Time to glue these things up. Coat with resin and uv cure.