Model size accuracy


I am struggling with size accuracy. To most of my thin wall models I have been recognizing twisting, bending and swelling ( as you can see on picture) in some places of my model, approximately after 1 to 4 weeks after printing and post-curing.

Here are also screenshots of how it was printed.

Any idea why it is happening? What should I do to avoid it?

Hello there!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post! I definitely see the warping you’re referring to, so I understand why you want to get that issue sorted out!

If it’s not too much trouble, can you walk me step by step through your post-processing procedures? Basically as soon as you remove the part from the printer what are you doing? Often these sorts of warping issues can spring up somewhere in there so that’s a good place to start.

My next question is whether you’ve noticed these sorts of errors with any other models, or when using any other materials?

Based on what I can see it’s not due to the supports or orientation, which both look pretty darn clean to me!

Thanks kindly for the info!

We’ve seen warping with Grey but rarely this bad and never after a week or more which is the weirdest thing to me,

It looks like there’s some cooling going on with this part’s use-case, does the part heat-up ? If it becomes very hot and you cycle it frequently it may be the cause of the warping.

In any case, please keep us posted once you find the cause of this issue, this kind of part is definitely something we do on a regular basis so any solution to potential issues is a good thing to have.

From my own personal experiences I would recommend adding a lot more internal ribbing to add stiffness to both of your elements. I had a lot of this when I was learning how to use the printer. Orientation can also be an issue, as can over soaking in IPA.

Also- try Rigid resin.
Its WAY better at this sort of thing

We have been using gray and white regular resin, it is happening both materials.

Post-Processing looks like that I put models to Form-wash machine and set washing to 20 min. After that it is taken out and left it to dry, than it is placed in post curing machine for about 60 min in 35-40 °C. Whole process I leave it with supports. At the very end to get even better surface quality it is sanded with 800/1200 sand paper with little bit of water and than again let it dry. That’s all.

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