Model delamination from plate

Been trying to print the model material directly to plate. Hit or miss will it stick to plate. Trying to figure out is there a required surface area for it to be successful?

Usually it prints OK, but remind that the first layers are compressed in order to improve bed adhesion and therefore the final height of the part will differ from Cad file.


Not worried about that, at about layer 100 is when they debond off the plate.

Adjusting the Z Fine Tuning can help in this situation. Some details here. But if you’ve got a very big model on a tiny little base, that may not be enough.

Sorry, I misunderstood and thought you were asking if it was OK to print directly on the build plate.

In that case, upload the form file in order to get more help. As @mgarrity said, if the base is too small when compared to the height of the part, it might no be enough.


Here would be a standard size of model that I would print to the plate.

Do you have a picture of the results? What material are you using and at what resolution?

We’ve been printing a lot of parts directly on plate and it was fine when we were using Clear V2 but now we cannot get anything to print properly with new print settings. I have a whole thread on this issue… Keen to see if you are having same issue or it’s something different.

We are using the Dental Model V1 material printing at the .05mm print setting.

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