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Mixer Detaching even after cleaning tank

Brand new Form 3+ had its first failure, but it seems to be something to do with the mixer. When the mixer moves towards the RIGHT (away from home), it works fine, but when it returns, it detaches from the magnets on one side.
The detachment seems to occur on the same side, in approximately the same place every time I have tried to get it working again. Using the tank tool, Ive inspected the film and I cant find any stuck resin, or particles.
I also tried running the Mixer Calibration, which picks up the mixer just fine, but when it returns to home base, it detaches again.
The printer had been sitting for ~ 7 days since its last print, but it is away from sunshine and is always closed.
Is there something else I should looking for?

Form 3+
Tough 2000 resin. Tank is ~ 45 days into its 75 day lifespan.