Mixer check failure

UPDATE: Mixer just decoupled on my 3rd print with the replacement 3+. Its stuck under the build platform, and the printer is continuing to print…because why not? Still using Tough2000.
Ordered some 1500, hopefully it prints more reliably…

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Keep us posted…

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Hi @nauticalknowhow,

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that your best bet would be to open a Support Ticket if you are still having any issues with the mixer.

Also had the same issue today. Wanted to supply a data point that I was also using Rigid resin (4k) and it was very cold so it took ~50min for the printer to heat itself up to the mix temperature. So it seems to be relevant to the temperature and kind of resin, which eventually lead to difficulty (force needed) to mix the resin.

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This is a great callout; especially with a resin as viscous as Rigid 4K, the heating process will definitely cause the length of pre-print time to vary. Without getting the resins to our target temps, they would not print properly.