Missing Resin Tank

Trying to do my first print.

I get the error:



Please insert a Resin Tank that is compatible with Dental SG Resin (fldgoro1).

Abort Print

It HAS the dental Resin cartridge IN

Hi there! The tank is the large orange bowl-like thing with the glass window. So the “missing resin tank” error means the printer is unable to detect a tank.

I can’t quite tell from your picture if you have a tank inserted. If it’s not registering, you can try wiggling it a bit to get the chip and contacts in alignment.

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Thanks Cody. I took it out and “wiggled” it. It says it is filling with Resin now. So looking better for my first print.

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I have been getting this issue repeatedly where the the print will not start again after a successful print of the same resin type saying please insert compatible resin and resin rank missing . By taking out the resin rank or wiggling it does get it to work but it’s annoying at every print doing the same. The risk of spilling resin from removing the tank each time when it’s just been filked is not ideal as it can easily tip over the edges and get into the mirrors. Has anyone overcome this problem by factory reset or other means ?

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