Cartridge Missing Error


A brand new Form 3 with new Dental SG cartridge. When I installed everthing, touchscreen pops out ‘cartridge missing error’. After I updated firmware and Preform it remains the same. And even sometimes it shows ‘unknow tank inserted/removed’,
Anyone met this before and any suggestion?


Sounds like there is a bad contact to the cartridge chip (each cartridge has built in chip with information about the resin and how much was used). Try to clean the contacts and see if everything is alright with the connector.


Any luck? My form 3 hasn’t been used for several months, Now I can’t get the cartridge to be recognized. Cleaned the contact, tried reseating over and over again, Rebooted several times, updated firmware, etc.
Per the dashboard I’ve used .2L from this cartridge.
Can anyone offer ideas I haven’t tried yet?