Mini rafts are fused together and layer shift

Since some time I have issues with my Form2. It think it stated when the draft resin came on the market, but now it occurs with other resins too.
For example when using mini rafts they are all fused together, instead of forming small islands. But even the regular rafts have small thin rim of cured resin around.
In combination with this it happens that bulky pieces loose their contour and there is obvious layer shifting.
Interestingly, the ability to print details doesn’t seem to be affected as you can see on the print.

Firmware and preform are up to date.

Regards, Peter

I have had this twice on my form2.
Seems you have to clean the galvos and maybe the large mirror.
Have you ever cleaned them? If not, ask support for instructions.

The large mirror seems pretty clean. The optical window is clean on the outside. When I project light on it and look at it from the side some of the glass seems to be foggy, but from the underside. Not sure if that is “normal”. I never touched the galvos.
However, if this would be an optical problem, why doesn’t it affect the hole print?

I don’t know why this is the case. It could be because the laser makes the first layers extra strong.
For me it started with “bleeding” around the raft and got stronger with every print. Later one print failed total.
I cleaned all mirrors, the glass and the galvos and all was o.k.
But maybe it is something different.