Medical uses for FormLabs

We are a startup BioMedical company called Engineering4Life.  We create 3D models from medical imaging data (CT, MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound).  We have been really excited with the quality we are getting from our Formlabs printer.  The models shown are for training and surgical prep purposes.  Hope you guys enjoy.

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Impressive and important

Very nice, I am sure there is a huge market for treatment planning. Good luck

Thanks for the pictures

Woah great!

This is so cool.

Have you measured the printed parts and made a comparsion between the original size and the printed size?

Could it be possible that u could send me a STL of a skull?   Would be awesome.

dusiio (at) gmail dot com

keep us up to date!


Nice to meet you.

Just a quick update, I have just finished printing a full heart model.  I’m working on finishing the model.  We use a UV light box for post curing, which you can tell has yellowed some of the parts.  We are working on ways to improve the finishing process.  I’ll upload some pics of the heart soon.

Younsang, Hwang,

Did you create that for a drill guide?  What is the name of your company and where are you guys located?  We use a different printer for our actual surgical guides as the Formlabs does not have FDA approved material.


Unfortunately I’m not able to send you the skull as it’s company property.

I’m in KOREA(south)
It’s a drill and saw guide.
I have another printer to use the actual surgery.
I’m waiting for STRATASYS’s VERODENT.
I hope… Form1 is compatible VERODENT.


I used a google translator.

Models of a heart.  We are now looking into some really cool Cardio applications.  Stay tuned, more to come!

I am from PERU we are interested to use this machine to  print anatomical models specially jaws, any  other recomendation before buy the from 1?

This is created from form1 with verodent resin.
Still not perfect, but seems likely.
Form1 can’t adjust laser power and time(speed).
If possible will be perfect.