3D printing medical supplies


Has anyone thought about this with their Form printers? Is there any reason that ONLY a certain type of resin will work? Any reason the medical field would NOT want them printed in a certain type of resin? Anyone doing this yet with theirs? Just aksing as we may need to, anyone?

Link to facemask for 3D

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We’re on it! Please sign up on the form in this twitter thread if you’d like to help.


Someone should have them list a .stl file on there site instead of a auto-desk fusion file that cant be opened with any other program.


Hello all,

This is coming from someone who is actively working on organizing efforts regarding 3D printing and medical community. Please keep in mind that there are lots of regulations in that field vs what a regular consumer can do. This is including the FDA/CDC, USDA and any local regulations each hospital/university may have. It is CRITICAL that whatever is being printed for medical community has a proper approval from a respective institution - this concerns both design and material parameters. And this varies based on individual parameters for each project.

Formlabs has been doing a great job support these efforts and things are developing on a hourly bases. We will be learning more as we go in the next several day.

Thank you for all the support everyone is providing for the medical community at this time.


Wow, I hope the cloth face masks desperately being used in some countries hold all the approvals!!, Is it not better to have something than nothing, should people try to mitigate the risk as best they can or should they wait for approval…

In an emergency it seems better to use what is at hand rather than just wait.

Human urine is not FDA approved for cleaning a wound, but soldiers in a battle scenario will use fresh urine to clean a wound if nothing else is available. Its a long established practice that is taught to soldiers - of course popularity is gauged by the number of your mates waiting to piss on you when wounded!!


Face Masks: Much more than you wanted to know


I print a lot of medical devices with my Form 2… A LOT