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Surgical resin using form 3



For one of our covid 19 projects we want to use the surgical resin in covid mode.

When you choose the form 3 or form3 virtual machine in preform, you have the same resins collection.
If you compare with form2, you have not the ceramic resin that is only compatible with form2, so, I don’t know if you can print dental resins with form3 or the printer will say “NO COMPATIBLE” when you upload and start a print with these kind of materials.

I know you will loose the traceability of the biocompatibility, but for covid mask adaptors I think is better than print with draft resin.

Anyone can help to test if is possible to do it?




To formlabs:

If a resin is not compatible with a printer, please, hide it in the printer options. You have virtual printers to test or create files, so don’t confuse us with not compatible options