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NIH Certified Face Shields


I started a 3D printing company at the end of last year. I have been looking at ways that I can use my equipment to help fight this COVID-19. I have found a face shield design that is certified by the NIH and that is capable of being produced on the Form3. I am providing my labor and equipment to create the face shields but I am looking for help in funding the cost of materials. Please see my GoFundMe for more details on the materials and the design. If you have any questions you can reply here or see my website for my contact information.

Thanks, -Dustin


How long to print one of those visors on a Form3: What resin do you use?


I am currently printing in Grey standard resin. The print is around 68 ml (for one complete face shield) so at 160 micron height the print time is around 7 hours. I am able to fit 4 half face shields ( on one build platform. That print time for two complete face shields (full build platform) is around 13 hours. I have been looking at possibly switching to draft resin, if I did that the full build platform print would be around 5 hours.

This design was made for entry level FDM printers. I am printing the design being it was approved by NIH. By printing with the Form 3 the part cost way more than if it was made with FDM filament but it is also smooth and completly solid so it can be cleaned and sanitized. Whereas the FDM can be harder to clean and sanitize.

Being the face shield bracket, that is being 3D printed is not a biocompatible resin it is not advised to be in contact with skin. To produce this part without having to use Dental SG (double the cost of Standard resin) I am using a thick closed cell foam in the brow area. This will hold the bracket away from skin contact as well as being closed cell foam will be able to be cleaned and sanitized.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. We appreciate all the shares and support we can get. No donation is too small if you feel the need to help out.



That’s great to hear you’re working on such product design. I’m actually planning to make custom safety face shield for my workshop, Actually getting branded ones but I’m in need of custom face shield.