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3D Models of Formlabs Printers


As we are going to move our 3D Printing Lab to a bigger room, I started sketching up the new room in Solidworks. I already found a nice model of the Form2 online. But I would still need Models of the Form 3 the Form 3L the Fuse 1 and the Fuse Sift. Build platforms, Tanks, and cartridges would be a nice bonus too :wink:
the curing and washing stations would also be nice

so if someone has models of these printers it would be really nice if they could be shared


Also looking for this

Hi, I’m looking for 3d printers for medical purposes.

Could anyone please help me out in choosing the best dentist 3d printers? Here is a list of 6 printers, but i’m confused and don’t know which one is best.