For Sale - Form 3+ with form wash and cure units - $5000 - Boston MA (Local Pickup)

I have for sale new out if box (never been used) Firm 3+ with lots of accessories.

Form 3+ printer - form-wash station - form-cure station - 1LR resin (unopened (Model) - 1 resin tank - 1 finishing kit (washing buckets) - ($5000.00)
This has not been printed with…Have original boxes.
Also have the enclosure ($500)

ACInfinity inline fan - ducting - sizable vent-worx window vent ($70)

4 gal 99% alcohol and other printer supplies as well

I will upload photos and links soon - Local pickup Near Boston MA

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Here is the listing - Local Pickup Boston MA - Area

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Hi, I’m interested in taking it off your hand, can I ask why you are selling it and would it be possible to see it in person?

I’m selling it because my business is going in a different direction and am not going to be 3d printing as we planned. After we got it…we weren’t sure so we set stuff up but then decided not to print so as to keep it new. Would be good to see it go to a good home. Please follow the ebay auction … i put plenty of photos up. Do you already have a FL printer and looking for a 2nd or… would this be your first?

I see that you only joined the forums 8 hrs ago. I assume you are new to Formlabs…

we use form 3 at the office to print prototypes, I had an elegoo Saturn for about two weeks, couldn’t deal with the high maintenance. So when you purchase the machine, did it come with the pro service plan? And I assume the warranty starts in January 2022?

Yes i started with a epax E10 swapped to the formlabs for the same reason! - as for the warentee i do not know if the remainder transfers or not i can ask support. ill post back here.

Yes they can transfer it ill need your info and we will have to let support know

Yes… they can transfer the warrantee.
Just fyi…

eas this something you still wanted?

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