Measurements errors

Hi, after calibrating and a few successful prints, I discovered measurement errors on the complete printed part in each print.

I’m not sure what the reason could be, and I’d love to hear possible ideas.

Thank you in advance.

Best idea: provide details.

No one can say anything based on the superficial level of details you have provided.

Exactly what were the errors? Pictures?

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Hi @OhadNataf,

@Randy_Cohen is right that we would need a bit more information to go off of; is the printed part a different size? Are there missing segments? Are there slices through the part? Anything along these lines (especially photos of the parts) will allow us to help you further.

Thank you my friend, you are right I should have attached the photos I already took for this :upside_down_face:
Here there are:

I’m pretty sure FL is going to say that they can’t help you because you’re not using FL resin. You should buy some real FL Clear and try your print with that. If it still deforms, then FL will, I am sure, be happy to help. Barring that, your next best option is to start a thread with the name of the resin you’re using and see if anyone else is using it and if they can offer some advice.

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Hi @OhadNataf,

Randy is right in that we unfortunately can’t help too much with third party resins since we do not manufacture them or know the specific material makeup of them; opening a thread to discuss with folks who might’ve used that resin type would likely be your best bet (or seeing maybe if that manufacturer has a forum or FAQ page). Best of luck and sorry that I can’t be of much more help.