Material Tests for Fine Parts: Results & Question

Hello friends

I’ve experimented with 100s of $ of resins and tanks to find the best recipe for small parts - ones that deceived almost all the resins I used at all the settings. But only white works brilliantly, unfortunately only at .050 and I wish for .025.

Note: The Formlab spec sheet for Black, White, Color and Grey, (v4) is the same for all. YET, they all vary wildly in regards to tolerances and strengths. Are there more specific data that explain these differences?

The part is 26.57mm x 2.00mm x 2.00mm and tapers to a point (sic) actually tapers to a .025mm dia. disk at it’s point. I want to find the best option and am spending way too much experimenting and hoping someone out there has figured this out before I drop another $1k on a resin and tank I won’t use for this project.

Results so far…

  • White resin at .050 = retains point at print, but very brittle.
  • Black resin at .025 = impossible to clean without distorting needles. Soft tips to about 3mm down.
  • Tough 2000 at .050 = a complete mess. Gooey parts, most shafts failed to print upon entering the tapered regions and went for a swim at bottom of tank.

Here’s a .step file link

If anyone has any idea how print this part (or any tapered to a point object) at .025mm layer, assuming only a 4 deg. taper - it would be a good limit to understand. I know, it’s a lot to ask. But if white resin works structurally, and all the others don’t, then why? And is there another resin I am missing?

Rigid 4Kkeeps fine details. (I gave up on tough - fails to print most of the time)

Hi, My go to resin for fine detail and small components is DENTAL MODEL. I often print cylindrical structures dia 3 x 15mm high with a wall thickness of 0.3 to 0.35mm, I always print at 25microns layers.

If you do a search on DENTAL MODEL on the forum you ought to find some other scale modellers that use this resin.

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