Model Resin

I’m thinking of switching from Black V4 to Model Resin. I’ve been told is much better for scale modeling. I do a lot of casting master for resin and metal as well as some direct sales. About half of my prints are at the highest resolution. If anyone could offer some real life comparisons between black V4 or Gray V4 and Model Resin I’d really appreciated it. Thanks

We make a lot of small prototypes and we always use DENTAL MODEL at 25 micron print layer thickness. Its resolution is superb. It is a tough material so less brittle than standard grey.

Make sure that you mix thoroughly before using or if resin has been sitting in the tank for a while. We mix resin in cartridge by rocking from side to side 50X and resin in tray we use the mixer arm to “spread” resin from side to side 20X.

It can seem “soft” compared to std resin but we cure very thoroughly, doubling recommended schedule. If we ream any holes for precision, we re cure in case we exposed any resin not fully cured

We can print cylindrical wall thicknesses down to 250 microns, but we design in our own supports!

For precision, DENTAL MODEL is my go to.

We also print dental arches with it as that is what it was designed for!

Good luck.

Very interesting. Thanks greymatter.

This resin looks more and more attractive. I’d love to see something I can hold in my hands though. Would you be interested in printing couple of samples for me. I’m in Canada and any expenses that would incur I’ll cover it…

Agreed on Dental Model! It’s a really lovely material for a ton of uses outside of the Dental Industry.

Hi PaperLab,
I am based in London UK, but happy to make a couple of samples for you if they are not too big. I run two Form 2s. Covering of costs would be appreciated.

Let me know. I think you may be able to DM me? to exchange data.

Today my black V4 run out. Shipping from UK would take too long as I need to see something now… but thank you for your offer. I think I found somebody locally here in Toronto who could help with samples so I can make my decision early next week.

BTW. I have couple of clients in the UK who need good 3D printing services. Would you be interested…?

No Problem.

If you have clients in UK, do let me know and I shall see if we can be of service.

Thanks very much and good luck with MODEL resin