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We did that with 4 different Resin. Meanwhile we have a refurbished device and that one is going fine in case of the hardness of result. But with new device, we have other problems.

Not sure what the original part is supposed to look like. Roughness is usually from obstructed or diffused laser path that can be caused by any of the following:
Dirty or worn PDMS
Dirty or scratched resin tray
Dirty or hazy main mirror
Dirty or hazy galvos
Failing laser (seems more of an issue with Form1 and not the Form1+)

I stopped using 3rd party resins, I just don’t like the quality of the output and had surface consistency issues with them. I recently had my Form1+ services because I had a blobbyness on the support side of objects and one side would lack some detail and sharpness. They said there was a problem with the galvos and the printer is printing amazing!
I also switched to the clear resin since it seems easier to manage. I am able to easily hold 5pt text models and recently printed a replacement gear and it fit absolutely spot on.

I think if you check and see if the obvious is clear then maybe open a support ticket.

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All 4 Resin are expensive, original from Formlabs: Gray, White, Black, Clear (and new Flexible).

You are right. And it matches with my experience. Small items are fine. But the system is defined with 250mm X 250mm area and if you printout larger items than your gear (it looks great) with large flat surfaces, you see that problems will occur a lot in several parts.

This takes 2 hours of print, 200% Resin just in case of Supporter and it looks unusable on surface bottom.

Here the photo from front (is very good) and the needed supporters (expensive that way).

I had similar problems prior to service. Something is diffusing the lasers path. Some said laser flare would cause this but I have a small flare and after service on the galvos I don’t have the issue. There is a coating on the galvos and the mirrors that might have some contamination on them.

I would contact support and they can walk you through. Really nice people there to work with.

I know their resins are expensive but the results are better. I suppose it is because their resins are tuned to the machines and are definitely better formulated. Much easier to clean and surface quality IMO is far superior to 3rd party resins.

I suppose if you are just banging out some parts and will be painting them and not concerned with the tiny tiny details an inexpensive resin isn’t so bad. They just didn’t do what I need.

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