Form 3 Black Prints Soft

I’ve recently started noticing that my Black prints are coming out softer on my Form 3 than before. I noticed a similar issue with my Form 2 a while back, which I thought was due to a dying laser. It’s noticeable because supports peel off like soft noodles out of the machine rather than stiff like they normally are.

I wouldn’t expect the laser to die so soon in my Form 3, so perhaps this was something different entirely when I experienced it on my Form 2.

I’ve cleaned the LPU top glass and it wasn’t noticeably dirty at all.

Curious if anyone else has started to see this, and if it’s something to do with a preform or firmware update.

The only other thing I can say is that I typically leave Black resin in my tank when not used, and my tank is at its end of lifetime…so maybe there’s some weird pigment settling issues on the film or something.


You’ve probably already thought of this, but have you tried manually stirring up the resin in the tank? I’ve been wary of doing that on the Form 3 due to the flexible membrane, and left the job to their built-in mixer, but I could see how it might not get at all the settled pigment. Got a few soft plastic scrapers here for the job (or there’s the new removal tool).

Also curious what happens if you precisely overlap two of the same model in Preform (to double the laser passes).

Have you tried other resins / tanks and are you seeing any effects yet in those?

Yeah, I always stir the resin manually for resins that have a tendency to settle & clump (eg. Black, Flexible V2, Rigid, etc.)…but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

I haven’t tried overlapping, that’s an interesting suggestion.

All other resins seem to be working fine…which was very similar to what I saw a while back on my Form 2.

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