Many failure print (Grey v4) [jewelry]

Hello everyone.

Recently we just got a new grey resin(V4) and try to print my work. But as we tried many times, We got a failure print like this

In my previous grey (V3), We rarely got this result but with Grey-v4 this problem occur a lot.
And I have no idea what to do anymore

Please Help us.

Best Regards

PS. -We still using the same tank as v3 while we change a cartridge to v4 (but we cleaning and removing the v3 beforehand).
- We always use the support point size as 0.4-0.6 mm depends on pieces size.

Another example of failure

Hey Bexwe,

Your parts do not seem to be oriented at an angle but laying flat, can it come from this?
It’s better if there is a build gradient to avoid layer print failure.

And with an agulation can you see a better result, have you tried to print open?

Hello Bexwe,

Can you please reach out to us here either via ticket or chat, we will gladly investigate the issue you are having.

Formlabs support

I had the same problem with the grey V4… Bubbles weirdly just like the pictures above. Prints were not great.
At one point I really needed a bunch of pieces for the next day…I think it was 15 pieces, around 9 hour print.
I came in the next day and the resin was so thick, it felt practicaly cured… I could not filter it .
I left it in a tray out in the sun to cure so it could be thown out…
To throw out old tanks that are not usable, I cut them open and sun cure them… Then they are safe to dispose of.

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