Major PreForm Bug: Part repair - might silently resize the part. Affects at least 3.6 thru 3.8


I was about to paint a print for a demo I promised my Warner Brothers client tonight, and discovered the part was about 20% larger than the original STL. Now I will have to apologise and update them tomorrow instead - after I’ve reprinted the part. Assuming it will still print without being repaired first

Here’s the original STL - problem stl and pictures showing the issue in Preform are below.

When importing to Preform 3.8 or 3.7 and answering “yes” to repairing the part, it is silently resized to be almost 20% larger.

I also tried it in Preform 3.6 - and the perversely the opposite happens, part repair on import silently resizes it but shrinks it instead to approximately 90% of the original size - again the repaired part is shown behind the part imported without repair.

Obviously there is something about the geometry in this STL that is causing Preform part repair to lose its shit, since I’ve not noticed this issue before and I often print parts using Preform’s repair on import.

Needless to say - regardless of how rare or common this issue is, it’s pretty damn frustrating when it happens while working for a major client!


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