MadeSolid White, not really that white


I purchased some MS white V1 some time ago and was quite happy with the results, although it did cause more fogging than I would have liked, so discontinued its use.
Recently I purchased a couple bottles of the V2 white, as the fogging issues have been improved somewhat. But when I poured it into the tank I was shocked to see it has a strong yellow tint and seemed very watery. I had shaken the bottle prior to pouring BTW. I hoped naively that maybe the resin whitens a little once cured, but it doesn’t. It remains a semi transparent mucus coloured “white”. Very, very disappointed. For me it is really a waste of money, as I can’t sell it as “white”.

Has anyone else had a similar experience ?

In the picture you can quite clearly see the difference between V1 and what I have. The transparency alone makes it useless for its intended purpose, a lithophane.

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