LIthophanes and White v2

I have been doing LIthophanes for years, albeit with my CNC router. Owning a Form 2 now for a couple of weeks, I was anxious to see what it would look like from the printer. So yesterday I tried one with a photo of one of my grandchildren. I used White v1 and it turned out great.

I am rapidly running out of White resin so I jumped on line and reordered, this time it is White v2. But now I am beginning to wonder how it will do compared to V1. The translucent nature of V1 makes the resultant image very bright - much brighter than my CNC on white Corian lithos. V2, being more opaque than V1, may be more like the Corian.

Has anyone here tried a LIthophanes with V2, and how does it compare to V1?

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Very cool,


Since no one responded…

I got the white v2 and ran the same image. All I can say is WOW. Thev2 white creates the best lithophanes I have ever made.

Took this to my office and showed it to 4 peopl - got 3 orders.


that does look impressive, a question if i may, what software did you use to create the lithophane?

Great work! How thick is it?

I used the Make Lithophane action in PhotoShop. At times, it can be unbelievably slow (especially repairing meshes) but I think it makes great models to work with.

I believe it is 6.22 mm.

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Nice work. Can you tell us what orientation you used for your prints?

I use Netfabb to produce a Heightmap in the PartLibrary/Design tab from a photo. I use 2.5mm and 10 layers of grey.
I have printed in both white and grey with very good results.
I have even gone on to print a mould using an “inverted” Lithophane and used that on my desktop injection moulder. All good.


Thank you so much for sharing your great technique.