Machinable Resin?

Has anyone experimented with what resins are most forgiving with post printing machining? I have some parts where I’m hoping to machine features to a very high accuracy however, the wall thickness is somewhat thin (about a centimeter or two)
Edit: Sorry the wall thickness comes to about 7mm at the points that may need the machining

A 2cm wall is fairly thick!

I’ve done some machining on standard and high temp resin. Both work for drilling, milling and turning, but be gentle. Cutting threads is pretty hard to do.

Thanks for the advice! I’m generally doing clean up around some edges where additional resin cures during printing when resin sits in the groove.

I’ve turned some parts but like @fantasy2 says, be gentle. I’ve had a couple in standard resin explode into many pieces. I’ve also not held onto parts very well on a grinder only to have the part shoot across my warehouse.

I have done the same things with tough with much better results.

I would recommend taking very light cuts and using a low (or no) helix cutter. I have done machining on mostly Tough resin and it can work just fine. Problems happen when the material grabs, so it’s important to take light cuts and the low helix definitely helps.