Strongest resin for 0.25mm thin wall

Hello. I’m printing a small component that has a wall thickness of 0.25mm at one edge.
Standard grey resin works well but I’m worried about the strength and brittleness of this edge over time.
Out of the other resins Formlabs offer, would any of them give a noticeable difference in strength compared to the standard grey at such a thinness?
Thank you

Hey @neil4r2!

That’s a terrific question. I think the best option for what you’re describing would either be Grey Pro, or Rigid, both of which are materials that make stiffness a priority.

Obviously .25mm is still pretty darn thin, so I don’t want to guarantee anything, but those are the materials I’d look at.

I’ve had success with rigid and grey with that thickness, but your machine needs to be in top condition and you need to be very careful with washing the parts as the material will take up IPA making it wrinkle.

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Thank you for the replies. I’ll definitely give Rigid and Grey Pro a try and see which one produces the best result.
Much appreciated :grinning: