Hi folks.

The resins I’ve tried so far seem to carve, sand and generally post process quite easily. Has anyone tried machining these resins? Milling, turning etc?

As long as you’re careful, it should be fine. Threat it like you’re machining acrylic.

I’ve not bolted any into any big machinery yet, but it certainly drills nicely. Not so much tapping, it kind of micro splinters which makes threads a little unforgiving, at low sizes anyway, I wouldn’t want to rely on anything lower than an M4 thread. But I’ve only tried a couple of the tougher resins so far, softer may tab better, but probably wont machine as well. Lots of tinkering to be done. (Smiley face!)

For threads you should try before post-curing, most resins are much less brittle at that stage and can cope with threading much better,