Looking for this new feature on PreForm future updates

Form 2
A future improvement I think the form labs PreForm Software is missing is a “Settle” feature. This feature is used to make sure that the models are absolutely flat on the build plate. Other software programs have a “Settle” option and it really could help in preventing prints from not printing when putting together a build plate.
Something to consider for future features!

Thanks for the suggestion! Do you have examples of current implementations of this? We’re always looking to expand the capabilities of PreForm while keeping it relatively clean and easy to use. Would this be something that’s more efficient to control in the design software itself? Additionally, you can slice through the first layer of a print to verify that the full cross-section is printing.

Check out 3D Builder, there is a Button in the Object Section called Settle. Check this feature out. It really is a valuable tool that corrects dental models to be placed straight and even onto the build plate.

If I’m understanding you correctly, PreForm’s “Select Base” feature should do what you want. It lets you specify a face that you want to be parallel to the build platform. It’s located under “Orientation”, and you can read more about it on our support page.


Robert, thank you… we found it!

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