Preform fills in first layers on model that aren't in the preview

I’m trying to print a dental model with patient label directly on the build platform. Unfortunately every time I print it puts some initial layers on the part that fills in the embossed lettering. I changed the early layer merge to 0.00mm and it still fills it in. Not as bad as before but I have to sand layers of plastic off to get to the embossed lettering. Not sure if changing the z-comp setting will stop this from happening?

Hopefully you can see the pics attached.


I assume you print directly on the platform, right?

Early layer merge and Z-compression is the ones you should look for, but note that lowering the later value may cause the print to fall off.
I had similar issue in the past with couple of parts, my workaround was to rotate and print them with supports from the back side, so as to leave my front face clean of supports.

Also note that printing directly on the platform is going to alter your part’s dimentions in the Z-axis, both because of early layer merge and Z-compression settings.

Yes, directly on the platform, the problem is the other side (the important side) is the teeth themselves which I don’t want supports on. I did not change the z-compression as I don’t want the print to fail. I’m sure i could print in almost the same orientation, maybe slightly angled, and still not have supports on the teeth but I would like to get away from as much post processing as possible.

Hi @GGagnon!

Printing a part like that and preserving its features without using supports can be tricky and we understand your preference to minimize post-processing - I suggest creating a support case with our support team if you are able to share the form file with us. Otherwise, these photos along with the printer’s logs for the case will also be a good basis to figure out ideas on how to print with the lettering intact within your specifications.

Hey Phil, things like this might become more common now with the new flexible platform where “you can print directly on the platform” if some details are getting deleted from the part’s face where it toutches the platform. Even by compressing the first layers, it should still keep the details (like GGagnon’s photo)

Hi all,

In general, early layer laser exposure is increased in order to ensure good adhesion to the build platform. This can cause some excess laser exposure around early layer features that could close up, as in this case. Our engineering teams are always working to refine these settings, and I certainly acknowledge the demand for more accurate early layer features, especially given the Build Platform 2 release as @agiorgitis mentioned.

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