Lonely useless supports


Long slender isolated supports are utterly useless and should not be created, as they systematically fail to reach the point they are supposed to hold due to warping, viscous friction, and tons of other evident reasons.
It shouldn’t be too difficult to identify them and to add a support nearby so that at least a ladder is created which would have more chances to be of any use.


Why didn’t you remove that point? Or better make sure there were a line of points along the exposed edge of the model?


Hi Bill,
Speaking of point, I think that you missed it.


Formlabs has to make a lot of assumptions when placing the supports. The automatic support generation is normally a good starting point but it’s not perfect. Why? Because we print a variety of complex shapes that Formlabs couldn’t possibly plan for.

I seldom if ever use the auto supports as is. It’s not like it takes more than a couple of minutes to add or remove obvious problem areas. I also accept that they won’t generate perfectly every time for every complex shape.

My point? This is a non-issue.


We call those “noodles” internally. We’ve been working pretty hard at stopping the automatic support generation from creating noodles, but as you can see, it still comes up with some occasionally. They’re pretty stupid and annoying. As billb said, you should probably just remove them with manual support editing.

When you catch it doing something stupid like this, if you can share the FORM file with us, that can really help us chase down the remaining noodley cases. Often, getting good reproduction steps is ~80% of fixing things like this.


The one I find most often is having two points very close together or even touching, but since I almost always use two point sizes on each print, checking and re-positioning points is just part of the expected work-flow.