Lonely useless supports


The problem is that you assume it’s easy to find a lonely support on all geometry. We don’t see the strategy or math behind their touch point calculations. Simply indentifying “Lonely” supports is likely not that simple.

I would rather have Formlabs spend time on updates that make the existing system work better. Let’s improve the things that cause us to lose time after printing before we fix a single point that is easily removed. The multiple point sizes above (and how he implements them) would be far more useful. For me having the ability to avoid sharp edges except at minima would also be useful.


The problem with the lonely support is that it will almost always fail to do it’s job, which can result in printing error.
It seems very easy for an alorithm to find such supports : it is slender and linked to no other support by diagonal bracing.
I’m amazed at all the fuss around this very simple, straightforward enhancement request…


Same here. I think Formlabs got the point, and even people who don’t want Formlabs to work on this (however pointless/unproductive voicing that kind of opinion seems to me) agree it’s not optimal so I guess we’ve gone around the question a couple more times than necessary :stuck_out_tongue:

It is just sad that some had to resort to judgmental talks because other don’t agree with them :wink: