problems with the new formlab software.
Good morning, with the last software update of the formlab 2, the manufacture of certain small pieces (figures 12mm high) has become somewhat impossible, since it requests a lot more supports, and requests supports in areas smaller than the support itself. Pieces made with the previous versions are impossible to manufacture, since the supports are larger than the pieces themselves. As I say these pieces and manufacture them before without problems, now it is impossible to realize, the piece is turns into a support block that eats the details of the pieces.
I have tried to use the previous versions of the software, but it does not leave me, which I consider a delay, with this version of the software, the machine becomes useless to make pieces of small sizes and it becomes a more office furniture. large pieces requires so much support that it ends up deforming the surface of the piece. I would like to know if someone is giving problems the new version as it happens to me. For me the formlab 2 with the new update to be no longer usable to make models of figures on small scales.

I also had too many problems and reverted back to the previous version of the software and firmware.
At times I would open previously used preform build trays with the new updated software, too many unwanted anomalies would happen.

Try not to go overboard with supports. Go in and edit them. Also, I use .35mm support points on small pieces especially if you have a lot of supports. Preform tends to add a lot more supports than needed at times and also the revers, less, at times. Best to edit and not trust automatic supports all the time. Just use that to get started.

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That’s why it’s always better to place the supports manually rather than use the automatic orientation & supports

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Good morning, through my provider, I got the previous fimware and the real difference is abysmal in terms of supports, now if I can put figures of small size without turning it into a support amalgam.
With the latest software you could also change the support points and remove some, but did not allow many pieces, since placing a support of 0.41 mm contact point inside a piece that measures 0.1 mm is impossible.
thank you all for your opinions, greetings