AutoOrient is a blatant JOKE!

I better laugh to keep from crying!

AutoOrrient Is handholding for tyros…

It used to be quite good in past PreForm versions, until they introduced some “simplifications”, now it is quite useless indeed. Shame on Formlabs.

After learning that all Formlabs sample pieces* are built directly on the platform I’m trying to do the same, even if it means designing custom supports.

*except Draft v2 and Tough1500



They are? What’s the advantage of that?

Less cleanup work

But no advantage in dimensional stability? Seems like more cleanup work to me; instead of snapping supports off of a nice little raft you’d have to scrape them one-by-one off the build plate, probably while flinging uncured resin absolutely everywhere.

I use custom support where standard point supports would not be acceptable, mainly for parts that face the build plate.

The top edge of the supports on the bottom here is a 0.3mm square section which, with standard resins, will break off, more or less, cleanly after being scored with a scalpel. The blue supports in the windows are 0.4mm thick and again break off cleanly after being scored.

I also found that the touchpoints on any extra support the Preform puts on for overhanging minima can be reduced to 0.2mm.