Local vibrations?

Hi folks.

I know what you’re going to day already, so please don’t just shout NOOO!

I’m having to run, due to current space restrictions, an Ultimaker next to the Form 2. The table is extremely sturdy, but there is a tiny amount of vibration. Not enough to affect a 2nd FDM printer, you have to touch a part of the printer to notice it at all, it’s extremely slight.

Has anyone out there done this, tried this? Successful, monumentally bad?

Many thanks.

I think this is pretty unlikely to be a problem, or if it is, you’ll be able to do a controlled experiment to prove it pretty quickly. The moving parts that could affect the Form 2 print quality would be the tank, the z-axis (build platform), and the galvanometers. FDM printing vibrations probably won’t jostle any of those, and even if they did, the jostling might not result in relative displacements in the Form 2 on the scale of the laser spot size.