FORM 3 vibrations layers (shifting)

hello, there are these defects that I call “vibrations” in my prints with CASTABLE wax (purple) at both 50 and 25micron.
often happens ONLY in the middle of the model (as seen in the photo). sometimes they are all over the model.
I have been suggested to add more supports but, I have not found any improvements.
has anyone had the same problems? how can i solve them?
is it a defect in my printer?

a warm greeting to the whole community


just wanted to note that I’ve seen this on Clear V4 prints (Form3) as well. My form3 is in a dedicated, dark room with thermal insulation and vibration isolation.

If the print can wiggle/squirm around, more supports will help.

Besides that, make sure your build platform locks tight with zero movement. If you can feel any motion in the build plate once locked to the Z stage, that’s your problem…

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thanks for your kind reply,
do you have any advice to give me to prevent it from vibrating? a product?

I am not sure what you mean by “vibrate”. The machine has mechanical components that move during the print operation. But the only thing that’s moving when the resin is being cured is the laser. All the mechanical motions are completed before the laser fires. So vibration is normal and not a concern.

If vibration is causing the layer shift, it is because the vibration is moving the build platform. And that is because the build platform isn’t clamping tightly enough. I think there is an adjustment screw on the build plate clamp to make it clamp tighter. If my memory is correct, you could try that and see if it helps your problem.

My Form3 is on a sawhorse table made of ~12mm plywood. There is no issue with vibration even though the table isn’t very rigid. Based on my experience, anything you do to try and reduce vibration will be wasted effort.

now i’m trying with personal support and automatic support

thank you for your advice. my Form 3 is also on an isolated desk. I’m going to try to tighten the screw you’re talking about. by “vibration” I mean a visible defect in my prints, I don’t think it’s normal


that’s the difects that i talking about. this is a planar surface, i don’t think is normal

That’s not going to make a difference. The big supports you created only touch the print at the very top, the last layers in the print. Up until that point, the support does nothing because it’s not touching the model in the area where the printing is under way. Some of your examples show shifts throughout the model, not just at the top where these supports will help.

I just saw your next post. OK. By “vibration” you mean the ripples in the surface of the print. Again, it has nothing to do with what the printer is sitting on. Desk, floor, a chair, as long as it’s flat and relatively stable it will be fine.

The ripples occur because the print is not touching the same locations from one layer to the next. Something in the mechanics of the printer is shifting. The build plate is the first thing to look at. If that is tight and doesn’t move even a little bit, the next thing to look at is the LPU. Other than a shifting build plate, the only other explanation I can think of is too much backlash or sticktion in the X-axis motion system. The jack screw for the LPU X-axis may need cleaning or lubrication (I think FL has a procedure for this).

Like I said, my Form3 isn’t on anything special, and it doesn’t do this. So what the printer is standing on probably doesn’t explain your problem. The issue is inside the printer, not outside.

thank you very much Randy, I will open a ticket assistance with FL.