Form 1's vibration tolerance

How stable does the surface on which my Form 1 rests, really need to be?

I have three concerns:

  1. At the moment, I don’t have a proper table with space in my lab, so I’ve got it set up on a temporary folding table from Costco. It’s not exactly the most sturdy thing ever. It moves noticeably if I brush up against it, or am working with anything on top of it. How much are these macro-scale vibrations (i.e. visible swaying side-to-side, at small magnitudes) likely to affect my print?
  2. I’m a fan of loud music. My lab is next to my living room, which has some unreasonably powerful subwoofers; and I even have a small sub *in* the lab, when I’m working for long periods and want to listen while I do. (My computer desk is in the lab.) Are these micro-vibrations a problem for the laser’s galvanometers? Should I be shutting the bump off for the fifteen hours of my print? :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Finally, I have a CNC router coming in (another Kickstarter, the Othermill. Looks like a friendly little device.), which, clearly, is also going to generate a lot of vibrations. At the moment, with the limited space left in my lab, I was planning to co-host these two on a single “forming” desk, once I get rid of this folding table. Am I likely to be able to run the router, which I expect to generate some level of vibrations, simultaneously with a printing job?
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I’d be more concerned about 2 and 3 than 1.  The Form1 seems pretty rigid, but any vibration/movement relative to the optics and the print surface (this includes the laser, mirror, galvos, etc.) will cause issues.

I definitely would not run a mill on the same surface as the Form1.  You would want to isolate the Form1 as much as you could.

Personally we run our Form1 and the 3D printers next to it on anti-vibration pads. Not sure if this matters, but we figured that eliminating every opportunity for error is critical in our view.

Hi Elliott,

The Form 1 is sensitive to bumps and jolts while printing but I don’t believe you should be too worried about the situations you’re talking about.

  1. A folding table should be fine as long as the printer isn’t jolted or bumped while printing.

  2. Although I can’t say we’ve done explicit subwoofer vibration tests, I my inclination is to say that as long as the printer isn’t sitting right on or next to the subwoofer, it should be fine in the same room.

  3. The CNC I am a little nervous about but it’s difficult for me to say without knowing exactly what your setup will be. If it’s a tabletop CNC, I think a sturdy table would be enough to hold the Form 1 steady.