Loaded wrong tank using grey resin

i unknowingly used The wrong tank with my gray resin did not know there was V1 and V2 i’m a new user forgive my ignorance,I used the gray resin with V2 .0 tank, will this hurt my tank or resin using gray resin in V2 .0 tank, i untend on storing im a small operation. thank you

It really isn’t much of an issue when it comes to resins in different tanks other than some resins deteriorate the tanks quicker.

NOTE: If you are referring to the Form 3L, stop using that V1 tank right away or you’re asking for a failure and massive spill. There were issues with these tanks and Formlabs even had to replace them.

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Hi @Sigley,

Either tank should be fine to use with Grey Resin. If the tank is exceedingly old, you may be more prone to a spill as mentioned above.

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