Live Layer Update in PreForm if left connected to Printer?

Seems to me, if I leave my Form1+ connected and the PreForm app running, it’d be really cool to have the image displayed in PreForm automatically scroll the Layer slider layer by layer as the print is executed. So if I wanted to see where the printer was, instead of reading the current layer off the printer’s front panel and manually scrolling the slider in PreForm, the slider would scroll itself in lockstep with the Printer.


I want this too. Been meaning to write a request but hadn’t gotten to it yet.

That’d be a neat (and fun!) feature. I’ll pass it on.

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I just started typing this same request and your thread popped up. +1

On a related note; it would be nice if it generated an AppleScript event or something so I could sync a camera shutter with it for nice time lapses. :wink:

Both should be rather trivial to implement.

Give us IFTTT integration. The FL on-line dashboard thingy shows they already have the mechanism in place.