Lines on Model Prints HELP

I’ve noticed that all my models have lines so I bought a new resin tank and a new resin cartridge but they don’t change. I use Grey V03 or White V03, depends of the color I want, but this happens with BOTH resins.
Please help me!!

![image1 (1)|375x500

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In my experience, those sort of lines are due to stress during the peel process because of a large cross sectional area… Try printing rotated through 30-45 degrees and see if you still get the lines. I’ll bet you won’t, or they will be significantly reduced.

The Z-axis axle may need some oil to make it smoother, I would contact support about it and see if they have anything to add. If you want to try reorienting it you can angle it so that it starts at one of the back corners and builds up.

Are you using default support structures? I may try increasing the support structure tip size to rule out insufficient supports.

It also looks like you might have a loose build platform. If that’s the case, you can reach out to customer support and they can walk you through tightening it.

Are these pictures of parts made from 3rd party resins?

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