Heavy Layer Lines on One Side of Print

Hello everyone,

I recently printed a fairly large piece on my Form1+ using clear v2 resin at 0.1mm resolution. The model was made hollow with 2mm thickness and two 3.5mm diameter holes facing the build platform (shape of object allowed plenty of drainage towards tank due to natural build shape until very last few layers). The completed print exhibits very heavy layer lines on the side that was farthest from hinge side of tank, while the side nearest hinge is relatively smooth. I’m wondering if my issues may have been caused by not having enough drain holes on the base of model facing the build plate, thus not allowing the suction force to escape during peel process. I’m also suspecting that more and heavier support structures might have helped with a print of this size.

Here are some photos that show the print with a few light coats of primer to better show the surface, as well as some screen shots that show the layout in Preform and the drain hole placement. Any advice or ideas on how to avoid these kind of artifacts in the future would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

stress of peel / loose platform.
Put the back of the head toward the non-hinge side, and tighten the platform camlock screw a bit.

Great bust by the way!

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