Lines, defects, wet appearance

Hi, im new to the forum. We have a Form2 using standard grey resin and its been great until recently.
The past 2 builds have shown lines and what looks like dust in the print.
I checked all the typical things, clean glass, clear silicone layer, mix resin before use.
The wet appearance after curing is a new thing to happen on these prints also.
This is printed at .025mm.


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The wet look may be a symptom that the isopropyl alcohol you’re washing the parts with is getting loaded up with dissolved resin, which is sticking to the prints and curing when the alcohol evaporates and you post-cure the print.

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I have had the same problem, you need to change your IPA. About the lines, try to print it with 0.05 mm to get rid of them.

Make sure the build platform head it tight, might have just a little play causing it to shift.

I was using new IPA with this.
I have two tanks, the second tank was very clear and had not rinsed anything before.

I printed with 0.05mm and the lines were worse.

Formlabs technician just told me my laser is getting weak and its probably due to dirty mirrors.
He (or she) will be providing instructions on how to clean it.
Thanks for your suggestions here !

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Andy, I get the lines when my resin is getting old. Fresh resin seems to help.

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