Latest Firmware update file

Hi does anybody have the latest Firmware update file for the Formlabs2 machine? The latest date is 5 January 2017 and we have tried to update through the printers menu which of course doesn’t work, there seems to be an option to select a previously downloaded file which might work if only we could get hold of it.
Any help would be much appreciated.


You can find both firmware and PreForm downloads in our release notes. If automatic updates aren’t working, uploading directly through PreForm might be a good option.

THANK YOU! I appreciate this I would love for them to link them both every time…i don’t know I had troubles with even the last download on firmware maybe it is my machine only Thank You for the link that was really nice.

The link is located right near the top of the page @Frew linked, but to make things simpler, here you go with a direct link to the formware file:

Note for future readers, this is a direct link to the Form2 version 1.11.8-64 firmware released Jan 5th, 2017…since they update it very month or so this link will be out dated in the near future…which is probably why @Frew put a link to the release notes page instead of a direct link.

@Iceman24k, If you are having trouble updating the firmware (as I did a few months ago) be sure to restart your printer first. If a simple restart doesn’t work, try doing a factory reset next. Also try updating it on a computer directly connected via USB. Wireless can have some issues occasionally.

If you have any other issues be sure to let us know.

Our goal with software updates is always to improve the machine both in terms of performance and reliability. This is much of the reason we don’t include older releases on our website. If you’re having issues, you should reach out to our support team so that we can help you to troubleshoot. As @kevinduhe mentioned, we do have the latest firmware release available for direct download on our release notes page.

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