Laser Test on Refurbished Machine

I unpacked my new factory reconditioned machine today and ran a laser test on it to get a look at what a focused laser is supposed to look like (or is it focused?). I took a pic with the cover and without the cover. I cleaned the large mirror before this with PEC pads since it came with a full coating of dust. I want to ask the community, does this look like a good laser?

In my experience, that’s what a bad laser looks like - I just get a reconditioned unit (no 4) and yours looks just like mine did when I sent it back.

What does a good laser look like?

I was told this is what a good laser spot check looks like …
My mirrors were still dirty so I had to clean them as well after but this is at least better than the “rabbit ears” you appear to have which is no good from what I have been seeing here

Thanks a lot. Those pics do look a lot better than my laser. I am going to try opening a support ticket and see what they say.

Thanks for showing

My printer was giving me some problems with printing prongs. Some of the prongs were fusing together and some were perfect. That’s what my laser test was looking like. Rabbit ears or whatever you wanna call it :wink:

I just received a replacement printer and having the same issue. My laser spot looks exactly like that. Clean mirrors and everything. Support is telling me that’s normal.

What do you guys think?

That’s a problem if you are printing rings. That’s a deal-breaker if you trying to print anything larger than a ring.

Nope. That’s a busted laser imho

I just ran the test print from support and it came out looking very good. Like @JoshK says, the real test will be when I try to print larger objects. My previous printer had almost the same laser signature, but the Formlabs final analysis was that the mirrors were causing problems. I don’t know enough to really question what support advises, but my gut tells me that these lasers are deffective. I’ll keep you posted.

Guys how do I run a laser test?

@Edward_Peretti I found a good youtube video that goes into great details on how to run the test.

I also thought I’d share my experience with my printer. I bought a refurbished form1+. My printer worked great for a week after receiving it, however, now I believe I too am having laser issues. I have cleaned my mirror according to Formlabs. Included is my spot test:

I totally forgot about this post. I have had a lot of success with my printer since I received it in December and ran the initial tests. I am printing with hardly any failures, and my resin trays are lasting longer. I just had my peel motor jam with the tray in the down position, and Formlabs has sent me a new one to replace it with. As soon as I get some time I will be replacing it. @eokeefe your laser test looks dusty.