Possible failed laser?

I think these photos from my support ticket are a bad laser because the glow is shaped like a halo. A dirty mirror would radiate from the center I imagine. And this is quality paper and it shows brightly. It is getting worse fast, it doesn’t print at all now.

I forgot to mention, this latest print and laser spot test were done after I cleaned the big mirror, it didn’t look dirty even when lit from the bottom but I did clean it. I took great care to get it perfectly streak-free and dust free, even when lit from the bottom.

Ouch, those don’t look good, Josh. I’m sorry that you haven’t received a prompt response to your query, and we’ll make sure you get something back soon. We strive to respond to all queries within 24 hours, but sometimes we don’t meet that target. I do apologize.

At any rate, the laser does look strange – Stephen will surely ask you for more photos, as well, as it can be a bit tricky to diagnose this stuff. I know it’s been frustrating, but we’ll take care of you.

To solve this we need an explanation that explains the round halo, the plus sign glow, and progressively and quickly getting worse. Since none of the mirrors are round, and the halo is not brightest hear the center, I conclude the plus sign is from the laser, and it is lighting the round barrel of the laser ‘gun’. That explains it all in my mind.